Week 5 Story: New Guy

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"Welcome to our team at Wendy's!" Ms. Boss Lady said. Hi, I am Ada. I am super excited to work at Wendy's. I love eating hamburgers, so making them should be almost as fun, right?My first day started, and I had to make a yummy hamburger. I was really excited, and it seemed like a  chill job. I was hired with another person, Lilly. Being one of the new people and this being my first ever job, I had never had to take orders from people, but it made sense because they worked here longer than me. On my 40th day of work, Ms. Boss Lady came up to me. I was really scared she was going to say that I was fired because I keep forgetting to put pickles on the burger. "You are now Ms Vice-Ms. Boss Lady." said Ms. Boss Lady. All of a sudden all of my co-workers who have been working at Wendy's for like 5-6 years started taking orders from me, the Ms. I don't know even how to put pickles on a burger. Most people would…

Reading Notes: Folklore of the Holy Land Moslem, Christian, and Jewish, Reading A

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Folk-lore of the Holy Land: Moslem, Christian and Jewish by J.E. Hanauer The first story that intrigued me was Moslem Cosmogony and Our Father Adam. I read about many of these topics in Sunday school as a child, but many of the discussions such as how they had a bunch of kids from devils were not discussed. The Tablet of Destiny is one that I had heard a lot about. I fount interesting that it was made from a white pearl. God created a huge pen that started to write everything that happened til the day of judgement. God then created water. The pearl was next created. He created the clouds. God created his throne, but this is actually a debated topic. Some people believe that it could have been made before then. Different people came from different types fo soil and potentially dust. I always learned that we were made of clay in Sunday school, so that was interesting to me. Adam was dead for like 40 years, but the angels were told that he sho…

Reading Notes: Folklore of the Holy Land, Reading B

("Muslims;" Web Source: WikiMedia
Folk-lore of the Holy Land: Moslem, Christian and Jewish by J.E. Hanauer
The story begins with Lot and the Tree of the Cross. Adam dies and his son Seth plants a branch which turns into a tree at Adam's grave.  Lot's wife had an unfortunate event occur to her, so he was not in a good place, but God told him to water this plant which was the same one planted at Adam's grave. The devil tried countless amount of times to destroy this tree. He got a man to cut the tree down. This same tree served to create the wooden cross that Jesus was killed on. Musa, his brother, and their two sons went on an expedition and found a couch that suggested the one that fits in it should sit in it. Harun, the brother fit perfectly and God essentially said that he was supposed to die. The angle of death had them leave, and then he was dead. Musa and the sons cleaned his body and notified others about the death. People accused Musa of killing his brothe…

Storybook Plan

I really am interested in creating a storybook on Raja Rasalu from Flora Annie Steel's Tales of the Punjab. I will be utilizing the stories from Raja Rasalu. I will try to connect the stories in a unique way. The stories I would want to add are The King and His Two Queens. Raja, How Raja Rasalu was Born, How Raja Rasalu Killed the Giants, and How He Played Chaupur with King Sarkap. I want to look into more cultural aspects of this story such as how the mother in How Raja Rasalu was Born was so desperate for a son. This is a big issue in South Asia where so many mothers emphasize how great it is to have a son rather than a daughter. I am not certain exactly what my message/experience I would want to give. I would want it to be informative about cultural aspects and the story but also just an interesting read. I try to be humorous, so I would try to be a little funny if possible. I would try to tell the story from the mother's perspective on how naughty her son is, but she stil…

Review, Week 4

The video I watched was Gurdeep  Pandher of Yukon's dance video. I had never heard of this Punjabi song before. I love the cross-cultural dance. I love to teach my non-Pakistani friends how to do different Bollywood dances. In fact, at my brother's wedding, all of my friends did a Bollywood choreographed dance, and they all know that there will be a part 2 at my own wedding.  One of the best graphics would be the punctuation one depicted below because it depicts how crucial punctuation can be. The meaning drastically changes with it.  (Punctuation Effect; Web Source: Blogspot

Week 4 Lab

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 As a child, I thought stories had to be unfamiliar as well to be interesting. My favorite stories were ones that I could not relate to, and I think that a big part of that was out of curiosity of something different. I remember seeing a book about a hijabi girl, and I remember picking up the book when I was young. However, I remember it bored me to hear my story, but I understand the significance of showing that story. If not, then there is many depictions of Muslim people in the news who show Muslims as dangerous people. Unfortunately, there are not enough Muslim stories. I never really identified with being a Muslim or Pakistani when I was younger. I did not even realize that was a part of my identity. The first time I realized was when some kids were making fun of me for not knowing what a baptism was. As an adult and understanding the negative portrayal and harsh depiction of Muslims in the media, I consciously tell people that I am Muslim and try to …

Reading Notes: Adam and Eve, Part B

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Adam and Eve were in the cave and prayed together. Adam died, and Eve was very upset and prayed for him to be brought back to life. She prayed that if God did not bring him back to life, then to make her die too. She said she could only be alive because of him. Adam was put to sleep, and she was made from him. God gave them comfort because he saw they were really sad. God was like if only you two did not eat that apple, but I guess the devil made you do it because he made it seem pleasant. God was like I made you, so I never wanted to destroy you. They both lived, but now needed water. God made a deal with Adam that he could come back to the garden. Adam did not want to drink the water. They were sad because it was not dark, and before there was no night or day in heaven. Adam beat himself up; he was upset. He looked like a corpse. Eve was silent, so God made her speak. God was like yo, I made it bright when you were good and dark when you are b…